Nancy Chancey is a young and talented artist whose lyrics and songs stir emotion and energy. Her vocals range from blues and country to folk and easy listening to alternative/pop Christian music. Her MO is to keep people reflecting, growing, challenged and thinking with her music. Aside from blues country you'll hear southern rock, soft rock, folk, pop and jazz. She is devoted to helping others, and has been singing at rehabs and jails and churches to share her songs with others. She also has regular weekend gigs at local fine restaurants in Georgia, Tennesee and North Carolina. She quotes, "Music is a wonderful therapy tool to help people heal from lost love, overcome addictions, learn to conquer fears, and reach your dreams." Much of her music contains strong spiritual themes which reflect her Christian faith.

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Working on new CD in Nashville. Very Happy with my new songs getting recorded in a top notch studio. Please let me know your feedback on the new songs "Until He Call's Me Home" and More of You","Jesus Will Catch You" and "The Masterpiece". Finnished up first CD entitled "Where We Never Grow Old". It is now available at Thanks for all your feedback and support. Check out my myspace page at for shows and times. Thanks for your support.


Nancy Chancey is a developing singer/songwriter releasing her first CD entitled "Where We Never Grow Old". Nancy is an eclectic songwriter and singer, and shows her depth in her new CD. Her music is empowering and uplifting as well as introspective and real. She sings a variety of music, from blues, country, rock, folk, and alternative Christian. Her songs will move you from tears to laughter, and also make you think. She adds to her songs her beautiful and unique vocals that will remind you of Emmy Lou Harris and Jewel, but with a little more blues like Janis Joplin.

Nancy grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and moved to the Appalachian Mountains about 13 years ago. She resides in the mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia, where she lives with her husband and daughter on a small farm. She works as a therapist and natural healer and owns her own business. She aspires to get her music out to her fans, as well as work her way into the music industry as a singer/songwriter. She has already begun recording in Nashville on her second CD, which is an alternative Christian CD.

Nancy is currently working on her second CD, and has picked up a great following in her area. Three of her songs were picked for two compilation CD's by Hilltop Records, entitled"America", and "Land that I Love", and were produced by Tom Hartman in 2008.

"My first CD, "Where We Never Grow Old", is a compilation of songs over the last 6 years from when I first began writing music. It's funny how a devastating event in your life can turn into the one thing that really opens you up to parts of yourself you did not know existed. The songs are about loosing at love, empowerment, finding yourself, and not giving up. They are songs that women will definately connect to that have had to struggle in bad relationships. I recorded in a small studio in Blue Ridge, Georgia. There is a little of everything in this CD, but I tend to be rooted in blues/country. You'll also hear a folk song, as well as southern rock, and country. I love all types of music, so it's hard for me to stick in one genre. I am very strong spiritually and God is first in my life. That is portrayed in much of my music, and even more so on the second CD. My hope is that my first CD will gain some attention by the recording industry, and hopefully land a record deal to help me with my second CD, entitled "Brand New Day"


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its awesome

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Hey Nancy great songs hope u dwell xx

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