My music is an attempt at providing the background, groove, harmonic support and attitude for musicians who wish to explore... and for the listener to imagine their favorite things as they listen.
Please enjoy my offering and thank you for listening.

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I'm in the final stages of preparation for my new sounds.

Let's Take A Journey

I'd like to take you on a musical journey. One where you might imagine doing and seeing things you like.
Instrumentally, I'd like to provide a place of calm, even to uplift and inspire you. What if you explore new place while we ride?
In the lyrics you might find encouragement for your journey ahead. If I can help you do that, then fulfillment and satisfaction should be mine!
"Let's take a journey".


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Clint Chappell
over 30 days ago to Lamar Franklin

Hi Lamar,,listening to "Just DO It",,nice groove and beat on this song ,nice stepping song


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Lamar Franklin
over 30 days ago

Hey Clint, thanks lots, Man! I appreciate your listinin' to it. hit me up whenever...


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over 30 days ago to Lamar Franklin

hi, hope you make me a connection. to celebrate my first year on broadjam and the opening of my new studio(check out the pics) i am offering two songs fully Mastered for FREE in wav and mp3 format. if you are interested, just get back to me and I will give you more details. so far over 30 broadjam members have taken me up on my offer in the past couple of weeks. thanks Dave-str.prouctions

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