J.G Johnson and the Seeds of Peace came about, due to this violent and critical times that mankind now face. We only wish to spread the message of peace and to make aware to all who will listen, the time is short, there is no longer any room for hate, so spread the love. We sincerley hope you enjoy our sound. Peace be yours,and may love guide you to enlightenment.
J.G Johnson

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Wow there is so much great music, musicians and song writers out there it's over whelming.


It may have started as a little child, when my father would play his fiddel or his guatir his harpo,or the piano... Maybe it started at twelve,when I was in Mrs's Kitchen's guatir class that lasted 2 semisters, until they droped the class. After that I didnt pick up the guatir untill the next summer, when watching the T.V I saw Pete Townsend of the WHO braking a guatir in to a thousand little pieces and Dad forgive me I picked up his guatir and after hitting a few cords, windmill style,I smashed that beautiful insterment in to little itty bitty pieces. Or maybe it started four years latter,with four and a half hits of window pain and two days locked in my room listening to the Beatels over and over agin. When I came out of that room I knew what I was going to do with the rest of my time....I ran in to my old 5th grade class mate kenny miller,a troubeld youth just released from a year in prison, seehe was two years older then I, also he was one of the best leadguatir players I ever knew.... A couple of cases of beer and a quarter ounce of weed later I had them thinking I would be the perfect rythm guatir player for their band... I didnt even own an electric guatir, so I did some fast borrowing from my new brother in law. An early 60's beat to hell KAY. The next practices I came a ringing the doorbell,rumbbling guatir, bass and drumms, I let myself in and folowed the sound to a back bedroom


When I opend the door a cloud of smoke and the smell of teenage girl perfume hit me head on. Yeah I think thats when it started.. A year later I was locked up in county for three months, when I met Nick Gonzalas a true song writer who took this kidd under his wing and showed me what a lyric really was. The day I got out my Dad bought me a 74 Les Paul custom and Peavy half stack, in hopes that would keep his troubled child out of trouble. That worked for a little while, but drugs and alchol and my new rock n roll friends put an end to that. Two years later I was hitching hicking up and down the Califorina coast meeting and haning with the street people. SO thus came the days of playing the streets, Santa cruz, Santn monica,San fransico and all stops inbetween. Thanks Hennery. Met my wife at the end of the summer of 88. My first daughter was born in september 89. By the mid 90's I was playing


bars and clubs up and down the centrial coast. Made Hollywood , and sometime later to much cocain, herion and booze and my heart couldnt take the way. It landed me in the hospital for a week.... Two nights after being sent home I was back on stage, white lines , drink and all... Then everybody started dieing.... New years eve 1998 I played with a group live for the last time. 2000, I recorded my first solo project Lettuce B... Thanks for all the help guy''s, caus its never really solo. 2004 I quit all drugs... found Jehovah and his son.. 2006 recorded my first project sober, Johnson's like a mountian road. Thats about it. We'll call a long story made short.........


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