Rebecca Mesple is a singer/songwriter currently living in Massachusetts. She combines elements of blues, folk, world music, pop, and contemporary christian in her style. She has played a variety of "coffee shop" type gigs and has always been a featured vocalist/worship leader in church. Her passions are singing worship music, being a recording artist, and creating background vocal arrangements.

Partial Discography includes: Backup vocals on Taylor Mesple's "Victory Land" and "Songs For Autumn", CD Backup vocals on Danny Oertli's "Nothing Left to Prove" CD, backup vocals on David Greco's debut CD, as well as various other artists from a variety of genres.

Rebecca's Quick Bio

Rebecca Mesple is a frequent asset to producers and studios as a backup singer. She is also a great singer/songwriter in her own right, currently working on CD number 2 called "inspired", a collection of cover songs by some of her favorite songwriters. Her first CD "A Simple Offering" is an intimate "unplugged" type recording that was recorded in 3 days. It is available at She is also co-producing and assisting with various mixes as a second engineer. She lives near Portland, Maine with her husband and 2 young kids.


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