Have loved music since the 4th grade. I am inspired by classical music and listen to alot of Mozart. Listen to a lot of pop music like the Beatles, but when Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin came on, all things changed. Hendrix, Tommy Bolin, Aerosmith, Grand Funk, and the Stones with Mick Taylor are Monster, that was not pop music. The other alter-ego is the Blues and In come the Stones with Brian and Mick Taylor, Robin, Chuck Berry, Albert King, John Lee, Eric Clapton, Stevie, and so many more. The Heavy Metal era rushed in so many but the Tops are Van Halen, Ritchie. Yngwei, George Lynch, Jake E Lee. There are so many other bands not mentioned.
The other side was of course the family influence, my Mom was great singer, just not a star. My dad played harmonica and sang as well. I listened to alot of country music being raised in a farm and listened to my mom and dad's music, the old spanish romantic standards.
Jazz has eluded me but have great respect and admiration for people who can

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The new song posted "All Dark and Blue" is a re-make of "Never Dance the Blues".
Steve Wilbanks, "musico extraordinario", one of the worldS greatest guitar players WHICH THE WORLD HAS NOT MET YET, took this melody and made it his own, it is an honor to have Steve record his own version of this song. HE ROLLED IT OVER, I DIDNT GET THE LICENSE PLATES, BUT I THINK IT WAS BIG AND LOUD AND MOSTLY BEE-UTIFUL!


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