Taylor currently searching for Female Violinist/Vocalist or Cellist/Vocalist to FRONT expanding BAND!

Mystic River is the most phenomenal duo in music history! Key & Taylor are one of those "few" in a lifetime groups who just have IT!!
"DUOS" are rarely true duos, but succeed by the work of great bands and producers! Mystic River does it all by themselves. I would match them on any stage with anyone, any place, any time! Mystic River radiates a mystical synergy in their music and performance! A "chemistry" and heart warming harmony creates truly MAGIC MUSIC! Their VIRTUAL BAND or sequences, add up to 16 digitally sampled instruments throughout their songs. This enables them to do material as diverse as The Moody Blues, through David Foster arranged Celine Dion, to the horn ensemble, Chicago.

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taylor seeks female violinist/vocalist or cellist/vocalist to FRONT expanding band.

taylor ~song writer ~ sequence master ~ SEEKS 2 SELL SONGS!

60 songs across POP, ROCK, Country, Country-Rock, Island, Dance, Lounge, etc.


PRODUCERS - OUTSTANDING MATERIAL for top tier artists! Copyright/Publishing OPEN!

Mystic River Bio

Mystic River ~ key & taylor ~

Taylor currently searching for Female Violinist/Vocalist or Cellist/Vocalist to FRONT expanding BAND!

Mystic River's songs, vocals, and instrumental mastery combine in a mesmerizing effect and enchant listeners of all ages.

Taylor's first serious group, Flow was offered a "Major" 7 million dollar contract by Steve Alaimo & TK Records. TK was the label best known for K.C..& The Sunshine Band. K.C. was the #1 recording group of the 70's. In 2003, taylor published HIS very telling true horror story on a life-(mind)-altering experience in the "music biz". See The Record Deal, by taylor in Music Horror Stories /Goodnight Kiss Publishing.

During the 70's taylor opened shows for major acts, including; Dion, Jimmie Spheeris, Stevie Wonder, & Seals & Crofts. At the Seals & Croft show Jimmie Seals offered taylor $2K backstage, for a vintage guitar (Gibson es175) Flow used as the opening act. T refused the offer, despite needing funds for studio work. It had been a "gift" by a fan. Taylor felt it would "dis" the present.

In 73 taylor saw 2 Gainesville singers on local access TV. Savage & Saunders joined with taylor to form the trio, SST, which was asked to do backing vocals for Stephen Stills on his European tour.

In the winter of 2002, taylor joined forces with key, and began work as Mystic River. Key is an amazing, talented performer & truly gifted vocalist that adds her own unique electric violin sounds to many of their songs. Backed by T's sequences & broadened by the emotive performances of key and her 5-string electric, Mystic River's music is most definitely a ...Mystical Musical Experience! By the spring of 2003 key and taylor's chemistry, musically and otherwise, led them to "band" for life.

T & key weave wonder with flowing tunes of spirit, power, & harmony. Mystic River magically melds intelligent lyric, wonderful melodies, & amazing harmony in the same fashion of the best acts in the pop era. Many supporters have likened their harmonies to some of the greatest TEAMS in pop music? CSN&Y,Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, the BeeGees, The Beatles, & of course the truly incredible Moody Blues.

Mystic River has created an ever-widening DEEP catalog of awe-inspiring originals. Their songs ring of beauty, power, & mystery. "Mystic Music" as they refer to their work, is best described as "enthralling." Rollin has got to be in time, considered among the greatest road songs ever written, a future #1 Country-Rock Classic!

With the recent opening of their studio Mystic River Publishing, they are gearing up for new productions in 2009. Key has moved on, taylor is searching for new band mates to expand Mystic River's sound and scope. !

Mystic River has gained a reputation as a performing POWER! They usually play 4 to 5 hours non-stop when performing. Due to the incredible sequences which taylor & key play along with during their shows, this 2 piece group can sound in one song like they are backed by a chamber orchestra, or a full tilt rock & roll band with a complete horn section ala Chicago.

Their sequences are played, composed, arranged and recorded by T & Key, into state of the art digital sequencer keyboards. They have invested hundreds of hours in the studio to create this incredible tapestry, on top of which, they lay their inspired vocals and live instrumental performances.

In the Past 8 years Mystic River has played over 1000
performances at the very best Clubs, Restaurants, Bars, Dance Venues, & Events in North Florida. Key & taylor's ...on-stage chemistry... non-stop performance...vocal and instrumental versatility.... amazing backing sequences... and their diverse and large catalog of covers as well as original music... all combine to make Mystic River a Mystical Music Experience!

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Jim Covington
over 30 days ago to Mystic River

Hey, it's been a while, but I just uploaded our latest song... "Are You Listening Uncle Sam?".... would you mind taking a listen and sharing your thoughts? Would appreciate your input..... thanks, Jim

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