What is struggle? (answer) The fight you fight between good and evil.

Who is Vessel ? (answer) A pretty boy corporate thug, wit throw back flow skills, Who fights the fight between good and evil daily.

What is the sweetest album out ? (answer)
" My First and last album unless................ "

Why are you here? (answer) To be apart of it.
Call Us Toll Free to make orders and stay informed 1-888-8VESSEL

When? (answer) The TAKE OVER begins NOW !!!!

~~~ ~Bio~~~~

I was 12 years old when I got my first schlorship to a music school, later that summer I got kicked out for a freekin pantie raid. I learned two lessons that summer;
1. I love music.
2. You always get caught up chasin' tail.
I continued, my music pursuit singing @ Carnigie hall. (name drop) After school(high school) I got kicked out of Western Michigan University, for being too smart to go to class. @ 20 yrs old I was tired of the drugs(trees), Sex(tramps)and lies(fake freiends) I got saved. I gospel rapped
@ 23yrs old, (Flows continue to get even sweeter) I did Apollo(name drop) Then I stopped church. Now my flows are a mixture of life, and both worlds runnin' into themselves.
Another thing I learned along the way is that labels don't give a F$%# !! How sweet you are!
No its's a numbers game you gotta be selling, always increasing your fan base. That's where you come in. I need for you to make a commitment. When you see the
Vessel Enterprises LLC Wine selection (if ya 21), DVD, CD, and clothing. Grab it.

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