The plight of the independent musician has been well documented. Faced with a driving passion to present his craft, stymied by lack of funding and ample resources, many never reach the coveted pinnacle of acclaimed recognition. Dreams deferred, these artisans are left in self doubt and devoid of fulfillment. In a most unorthodox fashion, one man has singlehandedly given the "Unheralded" center stage. DJ Come of Age is a pioneer,a phenom whose vision became a concept all its own. In simple terms, find music which is beautiful and promote it as one. Without boundaries and strained classification he allies himself with stellar, soulful artists from the world over. As a collective of musicians, producers, DJs, poets, and models, the promotion of their works is shared by all.

The Beauty of Soulful Music

The beauty which we call "soul music" comes from all corners of the globe. Nestled well below the radar of the commercial scene is a movement of DJs, artists, producers, and loyal listeners. 'Soul Music of the World' is the podcast/radio show hosted by DJ Come of Age. Noted as a platform giving musicians center stage, it's popularity has reached every continent under the sun.

Ivana Klavis
Music Reviewer/Oslo,Norway

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