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Bruce Anderson is a medical scientist, inventor, masters swimmer and a televised human rights musician.

Bruce's TV project, "The Voice of Water - A Wounded Healer's Journey," is the story of Bruce's recovery from pharmaceutically-induced congestive heart failure to world class masters swimming competition with the aid of a water-based biophysics device of Bruce's own development, the "Spiral Violet 1."

"The Vision" is track 1 on "The Voice of Water" CD, suggesting collaboration with the sacred feminine.

"Reversing Time - Through the Looking Glass" analogizes Bruce's visionary experiences with the device and the physics to the writings of Lewis Carroll.

"The Tales of Atlantis" begs the question, "Would we let it happen again?

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From revelation to fulfillment

Bruce Anderson is a published immunologist, biophysicist, wounded healer, masters swimmer and an internationally televised human rights musician. Bruce graduated Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude from UC Irvine with a B.S. degree in biology and pursued the Ph.D. in medical science at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Bruce was knocked out of his traditional career due to occupational mercury intoxication, with the following story describing his journey on the path of the wounded healer.

While at UC Irvine in 1983, I had the prophetic dream that would shape the events of my life and career. At the time, I was taking a course on the psychology of dreaming and reading the autobiography of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, M.D. After a series of precognitive dreams, the following dream predicted the events that took place between 2002 and 2006.

In the opening scene, I was lying on a gurney in a hospital emergency room with a team of doctors and nurses frantically working on me, who then stopped abruptly and turned away. A swimming friend of mine from high school then held defibrillator paddles up to the medical team and asked the question, "Who's going to do this?"

The doctors and nurses bowed their heads in shame, indicating they knew they couldn't help me. Then my friend turned to me and asked, "Are you going to do this?"

In the next scene, I was sitting in the passenger seat of an ambulance, meditating upon a mysterious black obelisk with my spiritual physiology lit up like a Christmas tree. Then in the last scene, I was flying in a state of joy, as if propelled by a wave of energetic water over a forested mountain with a lake, surrounded by black studio production equipment.

I interpreted the dream to mean that for my career, I would participate in traditional, emergency-based, western medicine, yet would bring my knowledge of physics and spirituality to bear upon the most difficult challenges in medicine.

In 1984, I attended West Valley College in Saratoga for a year and recognized the nearby Lexington Reservoir off of I-17 in the forested Santa Cruz mountains as the location portrayed in my "life dream." I then returned to UC Irvine to finish my undergraduate degree.

While applying to medical school and working in a lab at the Indiana University Medical Center at Indianapolis in 1989, I experienced a spiritually oriented revelation that included a breakthrough unified field theory in physics with medical and consciousness research ramifications.

The following year in 1990, I constructed the technology envisioned in my dream in response to the passing of the young AIDS victim, Ryan White, with Elton John in attendance adjacent to my lab. I composed the song, "The Power of Light," placed the lyric on Ryan's grave and promised him that I would one day make an impact on the AIDS epidemic with the new medical technology that emerged from my vision and his inspiration. I then opted for the Ph.D. to prepare to spearhead the spiritual biophysics revolution.

Moving to the culmination of my life dream, my photo page reveals the literal fulfillment that occurred. In 2002-3, I experienced two heart attacks, one induced by Vioxx and the other by surgical malpractice, inflicting congestive heart failure, which the doctors could not effectively treat.

After three years of living on disability, I reconstructed my biophysics device and treated myself. To dramatize my recovery, my first swimming meet back was on the UC Santa Cruz Campus, driving past the reservoir on I-17 on the way to the meet. In my life dream, this rebirth was symbolized by flying in a state of joy propelled by water over the Santa Cruz Mountains.

My medical technology is based on the biophysics properties of water. As symbolized by the studio equipment, now I'm producing music and TV media to promote my story of revelation, fulfillment, near death, healing, enlightenment and empowerment, "The Voice of Water - A Wounded Healer's Journey."

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