Former 2009 & 2010 American Idol Season 9 & 10 semi-finalist, Producer, songwriter, Actor, model and singer Jarvis Evans is 24 and on fire for music.

Jarvis brings a new flavor to the round table of R & B artists. He truly has genuine talent. From the studio to live performances his head turning voice captures the attention of the young and the old. Jarvis Evans has been recently casted for the next big reality show & movie to hit Atlanta "Rising Stars". Check Events & News tap for more info..

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"Im so excited and work so hard for this! Hard work pays off! Thanks for the continued support, you all are helping me make it to the top!"

Latest News

Song "Don't Get Mad" Is now available On
ITunes, Amazon,EMusic, Napster & Rhapsody. "Don't Get Mad" generated 2 million hits overseas already! Thanks for the love everyone!


For Earlier Dates 1986-2010 Please Email @ Jarvisevans5@GMAIL.COM
2005 - 2010
American Idol Season 9 & 10 Semi-Finalist Jarvis Evans is a favorite at (the largest independent music network) as his songs have reached #1on the charts several times.
Performing at Underground Atlanta Heritage Arts Festival was another victorious event for Jarvis Evans as he charmed the audience once again. Jarvis plays lead role in a new huge Gospel Musical stage play in Atlanta, Ga. called "One Step at a Time". The shows began April, 26th.
Jarvis Evans broadcasted his new exiting and popular youtube channel called "Random Me TV" in mid October.
Currently Jarvis Evans is making special appearances and performing regularly at the Uptown Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta Georgia. His performances at the Uptown Restaurant & Lounge are Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. Performing smooth and jazzy sets with legendary accompiant guitarist Dean Coppolino. The atmosphere comes alive when Jarvis sings his favorite Jazz Standards from artist like Frank Sinatra to Tony Bennett.
Jarvis Evans new album is almost complete and his new single "Don't Get Mad" is now avaliable at all major distributors around the world including ITunes .
His single "Don't Get Mad" has already generated a phenomenal widespread buzz across the nation from places like the UK, Asia and the USA.
Jarvis Evans Fan base has been sky-rocketing into the 100,000 thousands just in these past 2 years alone.
The music video for "Don't Get Mad" will be filmed soon. Jarvis Evans has been recently casted for the next big reality show & movie to hit Atlanta "Rising Stars".
"Performing at several shows and seeing people love my music and vibe to it is amazing.
2010 - 2015
In 2011 Jarvis Evans became a Contestant On CW's TV Show Before The Fame in Atlanta Ga. Preforming at several show in Atlanta from Club Primal, Kats In Midtown to performing at Peter And Cynthia Bayley's Club The Uptown Lounge Opening For Sky On TV Show MTV Sweet 16 In Atlanta Ga.
Jarvis Evans Big Band landed a Live Gig At Peter And Cynthia Bayley's Uptown Lounge In Atlanta Ga from 2012-2013. Afterwards Jarvis Evans performed at several gigs in Atlanta and South Carolina including, MAIN EVENT Super Bowl Party In Atlanta Ga. Jarvis Evans & Jameelahs Live Show With Band At opening up for Jameelah at Atlanta Underground Club Fusion In Atlanta Ga. Jarvis Evans performed live at Primal Night Club In Atlanta Ga as well.
From 2012 - 2013 Jarvis Evans nlanded a role as Actor Kenneth In Stage Play "One Step At A Time" In Atlanta Ga. From 2012 - 2016 Jarvis Evans became A Contestant In Rising Stars TV Show. In Atlanta Ga and also Live Performances At Travis Spinks Bridal Show In South Carolina following in 2015 a Live Performance And Show At Floor And Decor In Atlanta Ga.
2015 - 2020
Jarvis Hosted And Performed At Multicultural Kwanzaa Christmas Expressions and Atlantic Station Tree Lighting Ceremony In Atlanta Ga. In 2018 Jarvis Evans Performance For Sony Records At Kilwins Atlantic Station In Buckhead Atlanta Ga and in 2019 Hosted And Peformed At Multicultral Extraviganza at Spaces in Altanta Ga.
In 2020 Jarvis Evans has taken his talents to film and photography and worked on his genius and hidden talent for such craft. Directing his music Video for release Welcome To Paradise and other music releases and clients. In 2020 Jarvis Evans appeared on VG 39 and other inspirational platforms in Toronto Canada.
2021 - Current
Jarvis Evans released his new COMEBACK SINGLE "RELIGHT YOUR FIRE" AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL DIGITAL STORES which landed him an interview on VIRTUAL-TAINMENTS MUSIC FEST VALUME 3 and interview on OTS Ent. in association with
NETSTARZ LIVE. Jarvis Evans is currently working on his new album called "Relight Your Fire, modeling, acting and is going viral on social media.

For booking info contact my manager @selenamweinert


over 30 days ago to Jarvis Evans

Hi, glad to be connected to you, if you ever want any Professional Production or Mastering work done by a studio based in the United Kingdom, then just send us an email at We don't ask for fixed prices, we talk to see what the artiste can afford. please check out our newest songs on broadjam-these are some members who we have helped, also if you get time check out our main website

Thanx for reading and hopefully it will be cool to work with you in the future

Str productions

Hi Jarvis. Pleased to add you to my connections. Really like your music.

Jarvis Evans
over 30 days ago to Jarvis Evans

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