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Video Contest for Crystal Ball - win $100

"Understanding" and "Crystal Ball" are the new singles from the album "Everybody All Together"!

Sept 25. 2008
Official Canadian radio release of the song "Beautiful You".

Brian Allossery & The Lazy Poets

A country boy who lives for music, moves to the big city to be a part of it all. Listen to the CD "Everybody All Together" and experience the desires and conflicts, denials and fulfillments, as he pursues the dreams that inspired his generation and countless others: freedom, love, adventure and security.

Canadian (rock, pop, jazz) musician Brian Allossery blends genres, as he collaborates with a collective of talented Canadian musicians known as "The Lazy Poets", including Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo), Ray Coburn (Honeymoon Suite, Alannah Miles), Peter Nunn (Gowan) and Creighton Doane (Melanie Doane.)

"Crystal Ball" is the new single from the CD "Everybody All Together", which has received coast-to-coast Canadian airplay on CBC radio and commercial stations. It's currently being played on radio around the world (Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, the UK, Spain and Belarus).


Brian Allossery and the Lazy Poets have received the "Suggested Artist Songwriting Award" for Crystal Ball, in the Song of the Year songwriting competition.

"This is what I call a "grow" album. Everytime you play it you're gonna like it more and more. Especially some Late-Beatle-esque influences in some songs (Everybody All Together), some seventies sound in some others (Work Of Art). Great CD while driving a car." - Roel Stabler, Havenstad FM, Delfzijl, Netherlands

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I had to listen this song again, Great talent Brian

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Thank you so much again! I have been working hard to get this song out there and hopefully covered by a name artist. As well as my version- would be nice to hear it covered I think it is worth the effort - your encouragement gives me more energy! Best Wishes.... Brian

Wow, very nice Brian!

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Thank you! Much appreciated.....

Thanks Brian..Appreciate that!

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