Award-winning singer/songwriter James Coffey along with co-owner Georgean Johnson Coffey, Blue Vision Music is THE source for award-winning music for every area of children's media and products. Blue Vision Music has partnered with dozens of the top performers and songwriters in children's entertainment. Most of the members of the Find-A-Song Artist Group are multi-award winners including Parents' Choice Awards, NAPPA Awards, iParent Awards, Oppenheim Toy Awards, Kids Coalition and even a few Grammy Awards.

Simply search the FIND-A-SONG database for the subject you are seeking. Whether it's for a television segment helping children learn the alphabet OR a short little tune for a greeting card, we have what you are looking for guaranteed!

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"Like the best music of our time, it's an album that transcends gender, genre and generations."

“This compilation proves the songs' stand-alone appeal as Coffey, doing vocals and instrumentals, mixes his clever lyrics with smooth pop, folk and jazz rhythms.”

“ can’t help but want to get on board for this musical trip.”

“Coffey’s assured and enthusiastic singing makes this an enjoyable, upbeat outing.”

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