RICHARD DEMKO is a classically trained pianist who started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. He went on to study drums, guitar, bass, and eventually, the art of production and engineering.
Richard has an extensive catalog of music ranging from classical to metal. His catalog is comprised of a mix of instrumentals and songs that contain vocals, ranging in many different styles and moods. Some of his work is commercially available with the various studio projects that he has released. He does collaborate with lyricists from time to time, and has even collaborated with other musicians to write instrumental arrangements for artists who are looking for songs. He classifies himself to be a composer and writer more than a "beat maker," as his songs are always structured. He always has a production vision for each and every song he writes.

Latest News

On November 25, 2020 Richard received the Ambassador Award from the New England Music Hall Of Fame for his years of dedication to the New England Music scene.


Kenneth Stavis
over 30 days ago to Richard L Demko

Congratulations to you! Enjoyed the song.

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Richard L Demko
over 30 days ago

Thank you!!

Richard L Demko
over 30 days ago

I listened to you song Speak to Me Lord. Very nice song. For some reason I think I've seen you around CT. Did you by any chance record at Horizon in west haven?

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