Anthony Treble is a native New Yorker with roots in the South and the Caribbean Islands. Anthony started his professional career in the classroom as a college instructor while moonlighting as a musician. After many years of performing, both in the classroom to a daily audience, and on stage as a vocalist/keyboardist, he transitioned in front of the camera and back on to the stage. After a few short months of having representation, Anthony landed multiple commercial roles, a TV role, and moved into pre-production on a feature film as an actor. He is of Latin American and African American descent, and is fluent in Spanish. While acting, he continues to work as a musician, performing in bands, as a DJ, and as an independent artist/songwriter/producer. Anthony has seven songs on his current Hip-Hop EP, several of which have either landed or been under consideration for sync licensing and placement opportunities.

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Signed to One Night Stand Music and Management Sync Roster - January 2022

Signed publishing deal with Music of the Sea Publishing for 3 songs. -  October 2022
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