I've developed a fan following mostly as a Piano Entertainer in hotels worldwide & on cruise ships, etc., but I have also done various radio shows in the UK & elsewhere and some TV too, plus some recorded output when disks were made of black plastic. ;o)

I've always loved writing songs and, now that I can do the full demos on computer, it's Nirvana! I've got a lot of stuff, and *lots* more to upload. Keep checking in...

I don't do public appearances very much these days. Music-with-the-Mouse is now my great love! And I'm really getting into dance party music. The instruments & equipment I use are: Piano or keyboards (when working live). At home: Cubase VST 5.2 + various VSTi's, Roland Digital Piano HP-3000s, voice, brain and... heart!

Latest News

BROADJAM HITS!!! I have had up to 9 songs in the Belgium Top 10 in the past! WOW! My song "Have Another Drink" was particularly very successful. Thanks to all of you who have reviewed it. Now my newer productions have been showing up in the Top 10, which is cool...

Re my recordings...

Re my recordings, I'm just learning as I go along how to make them. I have to work alone at home with my Cubase VST, Roland MIDI keyboard 'n' stuff, working things out for myself. I realise that there are improvements to be made, but I'm getting better. There are also some older recordings here, which I hope to update with new versions in due course...


Well, I started off as a pianist/songwriter in semi-pro (then pro) Rock 'n' Roll bands, worked in musical shows & on cruise ships, and finally gravitated to being a full-time professional Piano Entertainer playing (what the Americans call) lounge music. But believe me, some of those piano bars really do rock! Nuttin' to lounge to!! I've also done several recordings over the years, some with the various rock groups I worked with and some as a solo artist.

Stuff I've done

I've done all sorts of stuff, including UK TV shows. On my first appearance on ITV's New Faces, when I performed "Have Another Drink", the judges loved it! I got to the Winners Show of this popular & influential showcase. This was a real boost for my songwriting.

Similar Artists

Elton, Billy Joel, Jerry Lee... I'm like anyone within a foot-on-the-keyboard-distance of a piano, including the McCartneys of this world.


Elvis, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Elton, Billy Joel, Jerry Lee and all those who've made hit records since 2007 BC...!! I love Chris Rea's work too - great recordings & a great voice. And now there's Mika - WOW!


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John Lord
over 30 days ago to John Lord

Thanks, and Good Luck with your lovely music. John.

John Lord
over 30 days ago to John Lord

Thanks so much for the comment, Nick. As long as it's not your love for the booze! LOL I wrote "Drinking Alone" very quickly, and I think I got it about right. I'm glad you like it. :o)

John Lord
over 30 days ago to John Lord

You're very welcome. When something's good, why not say so? ;o) Regards, John.

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