Cali G is a rapper/song writer from Pomona California. He spent spent most of his life moving back and forth from Pomona to Riverside. In High School Cali G excelled at sports. Unfortunately, trouble with the law held him back from certain opportunities at the time. This led Cali to delve into music and hip hop. He he started to pattern some of his lyric wiring after rap ions such as Brutha Lynch Hung and similar style artists. He also later perfected his writing style, focusing on hook writing and melody. Once released from prison, Cali began recording music. He performed performed his first show with California based hip hop label Grim Reality Entertainment in 2013. Shortly after, Cali G signed with label. He has since gone on to release two albums under the label: "G Classic" (2014) and "High Xpectations" (2015). In 2015, Cali G announced his departure from GRE. He began his own indepdent company, "Movin' Entertianment."

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New album by Cali G: "They Don't Like Me"
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Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago to Cali G

Welcome to Broadjam, Cali G. Just reviewed one of your songs. Mrs. Kate

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