Andrew James is a songwriter and musician that hails from Southeastern Wisconsin. Taking influences from genres such as punk rock, alternative and folk he has crafted a sound to inspire and enrage people of all generations. From young to old his music will strike a chord with all crowds.

Andrew is highly involved in the music scene in Waukesha WI and has played many of the coffee shops in the area. Between shows and open mics you are sure to run into him somewhere. With an accomplished blend of original music and cover songs you can always expect the unexpected.

In high school Andrew played in many bands ranging from pop punk to alternative folk music. He is one half of the acoustic rock duo National Avenue with whom he has played many shows over the years.

He is in the works of writing his debut solo record and is looking to take his music to the next level. With such a wide range of influences it is sure to be a diverse masterpiece.
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over 30 days ago to Andrew Behne

Thanks for taking the time to review my work. I actually did a vocal version of that one to work in the variety it needed to not become stagnant in its arrangement. Where's mr.mojo or something? So long ago.. some of these productions were done on MacBook pros. It's amazing anything pre 2016 turned out at all. (Chuckles with a smile.)

Somehow though, that entire Rage album was magical, don't tell anyone... but I think it wa the scotch. (Smiles.)


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