The hottest peppers on earth! Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Maruga Scorpions, Naga Vipers, Bhut Jolokias, Ghost Chilis, Butch T's, Seven Pods, Red Savinas, Jay's Peaches, Devil's Tongues and Thai Dragons! All fresh ingredients! Locally grown right here in Madison, WI! For the best tasting and hottest hot sauce in the world visit We got that hot!

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Hurtful Purple - Chocolate Ghost and Scorpion Peppers
Mad Cow - Yellow Chilis including Reapers and Scorpions
Satan's Ghotee - Roasted Garlic and Savina Habaneros
Smokey Sauce - Mesquite Smoked Red Peppers including Ghosts
Angry Ginger - Fresh Ginger root and White Ghost Chilis
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