Marthia Sides has one of the most impressive voices, looks, and musical pedigrees on Music Row. What separates Marthia from her Row competition is not just her music and her style-- which are impressive indeed-- but it's her show-biz background. She's one of the few Country singers who's lived the life of an Off-Broadway performer-- in New York, not in downtown Nashville-- and endured the Broadway auditions with thousands of other top talents. Marthia has done tons of TV and film work, and is a top-notch stylist and had many celebrity clients. She lived and worked in New York for 6 years before coming to Nashville, but her heart and soul has always been in the South. Marthia is truly a City, Country, City type of girl.
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Tom Reardon
over 30 days ago to Marthia Sides

Marthia, I just listened to Killin Me. Very emotionally and heartfelt. Beautiful vocals and moving lyrics. I really enjoyed it.

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Marthia Sides
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much. Nice meeting you.

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