Wow... It's all a blur now... Played around with Drums, Guitars, Keyboards & Blues Harp. Jack of all trades, master of none. Always was into original music. There is something mystical about pulling songs out of the air... Of course it seems as if none of my tunes were of any value as I have been a laborer for 50 years now. And have made no money off of anything I've ever recorded. I guess that music is my hobby. I'm cool with that. One tune did get picked out of thousands to be on 2 compilation CD's once. The song is called "Of Crystal & Fire". Multi-tracked it by myself in a small closet. Peace out.
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I may have chosen the wrong type of venue to try and sell my music because everyone here is looking for Studio Mastered tunes (finished product). If I could have afforded that... Well... I may have find a Garage Band music site that is looking for raw idea songs that artists could make their own.

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