Future Pop Revolution

"Future Pop Revolution" is a celebration of survival. Often compared stylistically to David Bowie and artistically to Lady Gaga, up-and-coming performance artist, Joey Broyles, of Madison, Wisconsin, writes and performs original Pop music with intelligent and provocative lyrics. Recent winner of RAW Madison's Musician of the Year, semi-finalist in 105.5 Triple M's Project M Songwriting competition, and Madison Area Music Award Finalist for Electronic Song of the Year, Broyles challenges the status quo of what it means to be gay and a Pop musician in the music industry. All 14 tracks on the album are written or co-written by Joey Broyles and producer, Sun Voyage of Sun Voyage Music Productions. A strong debut album by Broyles, "Future Pop Revolution" is a body of work that follows the artist as he explores themes of love, sex, gay culture, and revolution. The lyrics are provocative, the music is inspiring, and you--the listener-- will be changed, perhaps even pushed to start your own revolution within yourself. No matter if you were born on this planet or another, the universal theme is to be yourself in the face of adversity and to challenge the human race to strive for a better tomorrow.

Future Pop
Pop - Electro
Plays: 301
Burn the Money
Pop - Europop
Plays: 821
Andy Warhol
Pop - General
Plays: 290
If This Is A Love Song
Pop - General
Plays: 116
Copy Cut Paste
Pop - General
Plays: 65
Pop - General
Plays: 246
Boys Don't Do That
Pop - Electro
Plays: 227
Repeat That...
Pop - Electro
Plays: 136
I Dream
Pop - General
Plays: 17
R.Y.A.N. (Remember You're A Number)
Pop - General
Plays: 111
I Wanna Luv U
Pop - General
Plays: 59
Pop - General
Plays: 77
Muscle + Rod
Pop - General
Plays: 15
Pop - General
Plays: 87
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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