Music Composer and Recording Artist Long Beach, Ca specializing in Pop, Electronic, Rock, Alternative, and General Composition for Film/TV/Media.

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Growing up in Las Vegas, NV, ariel.lavi began playing music at age 11 with the Tenor Saxophone. By age 13, he had developed an irrevocable interest in music by engaging in musicianship further with the addition of the drum set, and the guitar. All the while, due to his immense response to music and sound, ariel.lavi even further exercised his interest by enrolling in dance classes, studying Hip Hop, Jazz, & Tap styles. Throughout his high school years, he had decided to pursue the performance aspect of musicianship, voice, and dance.

After various talent shows, contests, local and national performances, ariel.lavi decided on forming a group with other musicians, later to be named, Forget McCarran. By 19 years old, he had obtained his first professional recording as a 7 song EP, and shortly thereafter, began touring nationally as a guitarist and background vocalist. Over the course of about 4 years, Forget McCarran had acquired and maintained a consistent schedule of performances, while still fluently writing new material. In early 2006, Forget McCarran wrote and recorded a full length concept record entitled 'The Masquerade', in which unfortunately did not see much of the stage, or the fans therein, due to their mutual decision to agree on creative differences, and therefore depart from the name and material.

At 22 years old, ariel.lavi had just completed his education in audio engineering and sought to invest in the necessary equipment to build his own personal home recording studio, with the intention of pursuing record production. After the various projects ariel.lavi engineered, produced, and mixed, he had acquired enough experience to pursue record production further, and decided to relocate to Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles brought ariel.lavi a new set of experiences and skills which led to a new music project that would entertain even more new ideas. The project was a 2 person Pop/Electronic act called Bomb Town Sound. While ariel.lavi would focus mostly on the composition and programming of the music, Sam Mujica of Lumaria dedicated most of his time and effort to the lyrical and melodic aspect of the band.

By utilizing the home studio, ariel.lavi produced, engineered, and mixed a 7 song EP for Bomb Town Sound. The duo began performing frequently in L.A., and Las Vegas at various venues including The Whisky A Go-Go, and Cherry Nightclub Las Vegas.

Despite that BTS performed only as a duo, they dedicated an equal amount of thought to the performance aspect of the band, as well as the recording. Committed to putting on an extraordinary concert, ariel.lavi managed to incorporate several different elements into the performances that could be considered no less than unique, and innovative. The sound of the band enabled a broad array of ideas to be considered, including root influences such as dancing.

With substantial experience as a multi-instrumentalist, Singer, and Dancer, ariel.lavi felt intrigued to further exercise his abilities and put together a record for himself. After many unused ideas, He eventually composed, recorded, and mixed his self titled debut LP in which was digitally released in March of 2011.

At 25 years old, ariel still seeks to compose and perform with the same commitment to innovation that could be viewed and interpreted as nothing less than miraculous.

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over 30 days ago to ariel.lavi

Thanks for the review. Like the hook of Women are Crazy.

Tony Chetta
over 30 days ago to ariel.lavi

Hey Ariel, thanks for the review of my song "Finally Found". I appreciate your time and effort, and I definitely see what you're saying about it changing a little too frequently and all, I tend to do that in like every song and don't really notice it. haha
Thanks again

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over 30 days ago

hey, anytime.. best of luck to you and your music!

Thank you, Ariel, for your thoughtful and heartfelt review of "Like Water". Yes, you get it - how the chorus underscores the general theme of the song.

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