The two most creative music architects representing from Long Beach, California has been influenced by the sounds of Dr. Dre and Big Snoop Dogg. Archer9 & Sun formerly organized as Archerline Productions is making a big statement on bringing hip hop, r&b, score, instrumental beats in a transformation that would last for decades. Majors, indies, or any music lover, welcome to our mission.

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In the early 90’s, Long Beach, California has started a new beginning of some of the most influential hip-hop artists that hit the streets. From the hot releases of The Kronic, Doggystyle, and G Funk Era, Long Beach has been recognized by some of the popular, head bobbing beats that you hear everywhere. This created a new line of producers who are inspired by the sounds of Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg. These two creative, music architects Archer9 & Sun met at their freshman years in a local community college rhyming in a cypher. Archer9 & Sun quickly turned into producing tracks and learned more about the music business. They currently hold about ~500 tracks from hip hop to R&B to score or background music for TV & Films. So they created Archerline Productions and built privately - WaterWorks Studios.

Archerline Productions is currently working on TV & Film placement and artist collaboration deals (independent/major) to further potential business. They are also in the process of building an e-commerce site where artists working on their demos, a major looking for new tracks, an entertainment representative looking for music instrumentals, or any music lover can download for less than a buck. Archer9 recalls, “Whether you’re bumpin’ it in your ride, using it for demos, background music for your business, you can use it for almost anything.” He says that this would be a great opportunity for building a fan base, and extreme exposure to nationwide and global business.

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