A.Porter of Mutual Concepts and Decibel Poets. I produce experimental hip-hop/electronic instrumentals as well as some occasional vocals. I make music with K.Cole (needs.) and The Astral Projectionist when I'm not working on my solo projects.

2006 Releases

Decibel Poets Releases for 2006:

apconcepts. - Aphonia Beat Project (Released 12/19/05)

apconcepts. - a truly spectacular life. EP (March 2006)

apconcepts. - The Limbic System LP (Mid 2006)

needs. (K.Cole) - The Opposite of Property (Released)

K.Cole - Auditory Poetics LP (Mid 2006)

The Astral Projectionist - The Darker Side of Enlightenment LP (Mid/Late 2006)

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