This self-motivated individual can be described as a ‘live-wire’ who has no trouble getting people to feel the constant energy he has inside. As a prolific singer/songwriter/composer, he is able to express emotions through his powerful, poignant lyrics and attention-grabbing musical compositions about love, passion, friendship, envy, and almost every other feeling you can imagine! The lyrics of his songs create amazing imagery that enables listeners to visualize the content being described. His writing style can be straightforward or abstract and he is really keen on inventing out-of-the-ordinary expressions. One sure thing is that he doesn’t believe in creating lyrics that completely reveal a story. He would rather have listeners make up their own image about the song’s lyrical description.
His songs have received nominations at events such as the Orange County Music Awards, All Access Magazine Music Awards, and Los Angeles Music Awards.
EP on iTUNES in AUGUST 2007.
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