Anna B May is a music composer/producer born and raised in Russia, where she also studied classical piano and music theory. She is currently residing in Hong Kong. Being concentrated on mainly instrumental music that tells a story and shares the emotion, Anna enjoys combining classical routes with modern electronic sounds. Sometimes she is experimenting with blending different styles to get the exact sounds she wants to create. 

He recent release "Solitude" got daily rotation on SiriusXM Spa Channel, alongside with such artists as Enya, Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, and more. Her track "If I Had Wings" got nearly 1 million listens and views on YouTube streaming and various promotional channels.

"Anna B May explores textural soundscapes affording the listener a moment of total inner peace. Introspective and poignant, her music is best described as drinking from the well of revitalization."~ Blue Dot Studios,
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Tom Watson
over 30 days ago to Anna B May

Dear Anna,
I checked out your compositions and your music is heart-reassuring and melodic. Love your original songs :)

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