welcome to my profile. people appraoch me with mostly joni mitchel, tori amos or jewel comparisions, but i listen ato all kinds of great artists and cover most of the best for my club and restaurant gigs. including bonni raitt, alanis, basia, gloria estefan, pat benatar , heart, mariah carey and celine dion and even do the R&B of anita baker, toni braxton and whitney.

But really, i my favorite is hard rock, (a la evanescence) and folk/funk/jazz, (a la ani difranco). my 4th project of socially and spiritually aware tunes with very compelling, in-your-face lyrics, (a la bob dylan and joni) is being birthed...i play a gorgeous BC rich electric with a small line6 amp and my ever-favorite Taylor acoustic. she sounds rich and beautiful no matter what!
hope you enjoy my music, but especially are changed and touched by it!

still at it-after 15 years!

Wow- I can't believe it!-still at it-after 15 years! It's amazing what we musicians do to follow our dream. My passion for music though, runs deeper than getting a record deal. I love seeing what music does for people.
Theres's lots of name-dropping of impressive music schools and famous venues that most talented artists list on their bios, I've never been one to be easily impressed by all that. It was awesome being on the stage at the renowned Bitter End and Kenny’s Castaways in Manhattan, where my mentor Joni Mitchel performed. The Stone Pony and The Saint near my home town, Asbury Park, N.J. and being the monthly featured artist at Border’s Books was pretty exciting. A most meaningful show, though was contributing to “The Creation of Eve-Original Women of Rock” benefit at Harry’s Roadhouse in Asbury Park in September of 2003. The show’s purpose was to raise funds for the rape care program of “180-Turning Lives Around,” a cause I strongly believe in (coming from a background of child abuse and domestic violence). It is beautifully humbling to help people to rebuild their lives through mentoring. I've been blessed experiencing people from all different population gropus, the physically challenged, hospice patients, the incarcerated, the homeless and battered women and their kids.
My love for composing complex and haunting jazz and blues-tinged songs culminated in being invited to several conseutive Clearwater Festivals. My following grew while playing at Starbuck’s in Sea Girt, N.J. for two years and my favorite moments involved the children who watched me perform. I'm still loyal though, to The Brighton Bar and the Saint where my first breaks were given. What kept me grounded all these years is a stong faith in God and a passionate love for people!
Each gig or performance to me has always been special and different. Not only do I bring my music to the stage, but my retro, vintaged-attire speaks of my uniueness as an artist, fashion designer, photographer and writer. Though my girlish voice, wacky sense of humor and warm, honest banter delight many, make no mistake the limelight is on the One who gave me these gifts. I am trully blessed and I am compelled to grow in my spiritual and personal self development.
Talent to me comes in different ways. Unlike most of these gifted artists all over the internent, I came from the school of hard knocks. I was a painfully shy bi-racial child from humble hardworking European parents. They weren't musicians at all, but my Spanish papito was a gifted artiist and sign-painter. My father worked eighty hour weeks and I had no support from my mentally ill mother. I never fit in, in school and dreamed about being a fashion designer rock star while growing up, Many years later, I taught myself guitar after finding myself unable to keeps player in my band.
I'm finally realizing my dream, Multi-ethnic and multi-talented singer/songwriter, aka Asbury Park Angel, I cross over genre’s with my unconventional chordings, powerful belting vocals and combining folk with cool combinations of jazz, funk/blues and Latin elements.

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