"A New Way Down".... A Five member Musical outfit Hailing from Sarasota
Florida that overcomes their personal differences with a common bond of
thinking and dreaming on the "Outside". Since the start of 2004
A New Way Down has brought their own brand of sound to individuals all over.
A Dark,Melodic,Hard Hitting,In Your Face,Thinking person's sound that has
pleased many listeners from different walks of life.
ANWD's Team is made up of Artists ranging from its seasoned veteran core
players to their extrememly talented,younger,up & coming artists.
With the varied range of sound,influence,style,feeling and talent that A
NEW WAY DOWN contains, It will be a constant provider of Music and
entertainment to generations of Sound Enthusists everywhere. Music
Industries recycle, Scenes change, Sounds and people change, But these 5
artists will always be true to what they feel and what their fans expect
from them.


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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