Andy Mackk, is ready to bless the world with his music. He truly believes he is what the rap game needs to make it more balanced and creative with flavor. The MC got his start back in Elementary when one of his cousins wanted to start a rap group with him and his brother. Later he learned how to write songs from his father, Herbert McMullen, who is a Musicain/Producer. He started writing songs when most kids were playing with toys. He and his cousin started to emulate P.Diddy by starting their own label for themselves and their artist (their other family members, and other kids from school). They also learned how to record songs with the most popular beats. They would get two radios, one to play the beat with and the other one to record vocals with a built in mic. With that method they made at least 100 demos since 1995 to 2002. And after two years of writing and rewriting Andy?s first album is finally done. Andy will be realeasing videos and signing a distribution deal in 2006.

Andy Mackk

Andy Mackk was born in the South Bay (Torrance) area of California to two Music loving Parents. His father was already an accomplished Musician, Producer and Songwriter. Andy's mother was a singer in her Church choir. With music in his blood he was birthed with the right creative genes. While listening to Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Another Bad Creation, and Kriss Kross in the early 90's, Andy began rapping with his older cousin and younger brother. Andy wrote his first song in 1996 while in the third grade. With two radios and a karaoke machine Andy started to make homemade albums on cassette tapes. Andy would also act as if he had a record label and dubbed his label "Tight Boy Records" after Diddy's Bad Boy Records. He continued this while in High School forming different groups with classmates. He also started to produce beats in the Eighth grade. In the Ninth grade he started to work on "The Greatest Challenge," a project he worked on throughout his High School years and was released the summer he graduated in 2005. With dreams of making music Andy has been performing everywhere he can. He has already performed at Cal State Northridge, the LA Mission, The Airliner, and various churches and cafes. During the years of 2007-2010, Andy worked on music and developed himself as an artist. In 2010, he was apart of JEMS Creative Arts Missions Team and traveled to Japan. At present time he is preparing his street album, Dumb Down Era, and an untitled EP.

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