Romanian-born pianist and singer-songwriter Andreea Pauta is a two-time prizewinner of the John Lennon Songwriting competition. Dreea's tunes are anything but ordinary - she fuses together jazz harmonies, classical piano passages, and sultry vocals to create pop/alternative tunes witha jazz-flavored twist.

Dreea has toured Romania, both in 2001 and 2006, performing solo concerts as well as collaborating with various Romanian musicians. She has appeared on Radio Resita, and in newspapers Cotidianul and Independent, in addition to Boston's BNN-TV 3 and BNN-TV 23 shows, such as "It's All About the Arts" and Susan Liotta’s "Arts Forum".

Dreea's band: Josh Feinberg (bass), Jeremy Udden (sax), and Eric Platz (drums) and Andrew Stern (guitars). Dreea is also 1/3 of the New York based heavy metal band, half, with brothers Jonathan and Brian Pieslak.
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