The voice - pure, rich, round, gentle - belies the life experience and has the gentility and serenity that reflection brings. The lyric bears the hallmark of a wry contemplation born of life experience. The melody reflects the musical influences of her time – ballad, blues, rock and country.
The singer/songwriter genre has added to its ranks a songbird who has only just found her voice – having been a child of the 60’s, teen of the 70’s, woman of the 80’s and wife and mother of the 90’s.
The journey through womanhood, marriage, childbirth and divorce in a freer society will resonate with many of her generation. There is a serenity about her lyrics of life, love, loss and betrayal which suggests that Anne Marie has come out the other side with scars she can live with. She believes every experience has enriched her life so there is hope for us all! This mother, lover, wife has just begun to tell the untold tale of Ireland’s modern woman!!!
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