============ Urban Folk (My Origin) released 2013=============
This musical journey starts deep in the red clay dirt of Newton, Mississippi (Jackson Area) where my grandfather was born. My Grandfather placed a handmade Hawaiian guitar in my hands and placed my fingers on the strings to make a musical sound. Later joining in and falling in love with the rustic, unpolished chords of the Mississippi Delta. I beg you to listen to "The River Blues (The River Bends)" as I attempt to capture that original song as heard from my childhood. I feel blessed to have experienced the rich gospel music at his church Alabama, as well. Listen to "This World (Grateful)".

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New Release: Patches of Yard (06/2015).
This is my Second release of Urban Folk. More Music...

How the earth and garden relate to my life? Music, this sound.

While placing my hands in the dirt (gardening) the thought came to me to put theses newly recorded songs together like the patches in my yard. All over the place like patches of yard growing wild theses instrumental and vocal songs weave together to make up the sound I call Urban Folk or Funk.
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