Amoryth is a industrial artist with a touch of 80's synth through out his music. Depeche Mode meets Nine Inch Nails. Amoryth's music often has a dark overtone and yet some of his songs can fit into the POP genre. His influences range all over the board, with artist such as; Talk Talk, Depeche Mode and The Petshop Boys. To artists such as; Marilyn Manson, Nine inch Nails and HIM.

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Now writing fifth cd, "Heaven Cries".

"I love doing music more than anything in my life. I have a side project by the name of "Ghetto Kuntry", A rap duo with me on the keys and a rapper on vocals. Rap meets industrial, its a nice match. We are recording our first cd, "Talk to me."

"My third project will open near spring, the name "Dreamcontroll", its an industrial/rock project with me on the keys and another vocalist."
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