Transcontinental is the new release on foreverything records. Produced and co-written by Cary Pierce, the album features Cary Pierce and Jack O'Neill (JACKOPIERCE) as well as Nashville superstar Jack Ingram and emerging singer/songwriter Creede Williams on backing vocals. Under Pierce's guidance, Cameron and Trevor Lynch have poured their Midwestern hearts and souls into the ten song cd, which can best be described as "Acoustic Power Pop." Fans of Matchbox 20, Counting Crows, Whiskeytown and Dog's Eye View will be thrilled with the new release.

Grady, Grady, why you so shady?

Canadian guitarist Grady Johnson from the original Alterna Blues band Big Sugar, the monolithic Big Ben Richardson from London, England on bass, and former South Texas surfer and drummer for Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Arc Angels, Chris “Whip” Layton have created a sound equal parts Gospel Revival and Satanic Ritual.

With Whip as tour guide, the three have quenched their greed for speed in every manner of biker bar, honky tonk, even skateboard park in Central Texas, and loud? Shit Yeah!!!

Plus they have style. Grady Johnson may look like a country gentleman in a Hugo Boss suit and Stetson hat, but he plays guitar like a coyote caught in a leg trap. Did I mention that Big Ben is twice the size of your average utility grade bass player?

Their live show is spontaneous subsonic combustion that swerves between punk rock agro and field holler hypnosis. With guitars tuned down to the key of aaaggghhh, plaintive cattle call vocals and an unrelenting one chord stomp, it is little wonder that the music conjures up images of the damned and the sanctified.

This is some badass shit!!!!

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