Tall (6'4"), dark, handsome, & talented. Alchaz makes an immediate first impression. Both visually & aurally.
Alchaz is an artist who excels at being able to write powerful songs for seemingly any musical genre, beit RnB, Rock, Pop, Reggae, guaranteeing that he'll have a very broad fan base. The following are statements that have been used to describe his music & vocal talent:
"Musicians will love his music, Lyricists will love the words, vocalists will love the passon, & those that have heard it, just love it!".
"...you can HEAR & FEEL the emotion that he sings with".
"Powerful Lyrics. So many people will be able to relate to so many of the songs".
"So many of the songs are fantastic!".
"Finally, The UK has another RnB artist to match Craig David".
"Britains answer to Usher!".


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Clean Clean

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