Akashic Record

The Earthlings' 5th album "Akashic Record", the first of an ongoing conceptual series. The album begins as if you're getting ready for lift off, and then suddenly; you find yourself in orbit. "Akashic Record" sheds light on the group's new & ever evolving soundscape, and hones in on their collective songwriting approach. Legendary spoken word artist Flowpoetry (Adam Pergament) makes several esteemed appearances. The music captures harmonic tones, amorphic synths, colossal drumbeats, sweeping saxophones, and dynamic punchy grooves that fuel into enlivening buildups, anthemic choruses, and silky sweep-aways in a synth/sample-luscious atmosphere. The album was recorded at the all analog Williamson Magnetic Recording Company then mixed and overdubbed at Audio for the Arts in Madison. Captured therein is the present warmth of tape while utilizing the depth and scope of digital production available today.

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