Story Behind The Song

Elliott met Kitty Pride (Kitten) at a show at the High Noon. Amidst the performance she stepped down and sang to ET directly. Love at first sight.

Song Description

A ride of Love and how it can take the soul on many journeys through the heart and the mind. It dances of the cloud nine feeling of crushing while dancing around and freaking out a bit at how great the sensation is.

Song Length 7:08 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, New Age - Alternative
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Joyful, On Cloud Nine Subject Attracted, Crush, Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Ween, My Morning Jacket Language English
Era 2000 and later


Who are you
Could you just be alright
Who are you
I think I could be tonight
Who are you
Just a touch of white light
Who are you
If nothing's left that's alright
Could you feel that you're on top
Could you feel it
Could you feel that you want love
Can you feel that
Could you feel you are all love
Can you feel it
Can you feel that you're on top
Can you feel that
Who are you trying to be tonight
Who are you
I see you have your own side
Who are you
Am I aiming too high
Who are you
To think we could be alright
Ow wrng veee
La da di da
Meaaaw kitty
Hurry follow a new somebody
For good dessert luck I hope you are staying safe lil one
Shit Kit you're back down to 666
Please follow me into the dark... coffee muaheheha
I do kind of miss those hazy Daytona days

Rhinoceros skin baby weird this is me a T except I got an A in NYC
Awesome can't wait powe rsilence blood
Paprika I'm ya seeka
What might one find on this hypothetical cover list
Napflix is superioo anyhoo
But unauthorized netflixjacking is danger y'oughta know
Kitty and Grimes might be might my most anticipated track since St. Anger
We dip I gotta hold the fort down in Wisco but I'll be there in spirit
Tweet 7777 and yeah k a minor chord is a cause to admire
Swaying to the symphony to infinity and infinitely beyond macho x 3
Geese with glitter perms of science escargot darpa lines
Hashtag no snuggling for the foreseeable future
Hashtag longest hash ever
Lenny Bruce is not afraid right now so come down and sing
Auw wrng vee!
La da da da
Who are you
La da da da
Angles of your life
You have got to turn around to proceed
In the darkest of light
Hoping then you'll see
That we like it just a little
Just a little bitter sweet
Because we like it
Just a little
Just a little city
But she's coming up and
We're in the middle
We're in the middle
In the middle of free

Lyrics Elliott Gilfillan Music The Earthlings
Producer Noah Gilfillan & The Earthlings Publisher The Earthlings
Performance The Earthlings Label Brainplate Records

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