SPEECHLESS changes the colors of the room. Things happen. Cheesy cultural artifacts sprinkled on sarcastic spaghetti. Mood music for non-linear equations and unlikely postures. Doesn't require drug-ingestion... IS drug ingestion. The grooves moves and the sex is textural. Beat science for curved dancefloor. Composed, performed and produced by Polar with guest appearances by drummer/vibist Gregg Bendian, recording mate of Pat Metheney and his own Interzone and The Mahavishnu Project; ex-Lounge Lizard tenor sax player Mike Blake has a number of critically received CDs with his own band; The Greatest Guitar Player In the World Pete McCann, also of the Mahavishnu Project and records with his own band; Ex-Prince bass player Scott Parker Allen pops and slaps some strings and synth ambiance is added by synth programmer and kora player David Gilden. Speechless was one of five nominees for Best Electronica CD of 2004 for indie music organization JFP (Just Plain Folks) that covers music from 85 countries in over 60 different genres of music. John Hollander has choreographed four tracks from Speechless for New York's Battery Dance Company's fall season opening in November 2006. The CD has been remastered and re-released.

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Clean Clean

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