strange attractors

The wonderful debut album from solo artist John Jackson. <P> This beautiful album kicks off with the touching and organic 60s-esq acoustic ballad A Spiral Staircase. Dreamy, melancholy and emotional this album also features the Matchbox Radio 24 Number 1 hit - The Cruel Croupier - with its sleek trip hop beats and jazzy feel. <P> From there we move to Dangerous to Know. "Have we had enough, are we mad enough" asks John on a track which demonstrates his smooth and haunting vocals. <P> From acoustic guitars, electro beats and dreamy falsetto to ballads this album has it all. There is a slightly Belle and Sebastian quality to John's vocals on tracks like Strange Attractors and this is mixed with experimental sounds and loops to create a classic album. <P> Also featuring is the wonderful acoustic gem Carried by Radio Waves - which placed as an entry of merit in the 2003 Unisong contest. <P> Overall: excellent... a modern album with a classic feel.

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