Miracle Girl

Beth's newest and semi-sweetest collection - songs of brotherhood, love...and tongue-in-cheek brutal truth! Released in June 2008. "Being confronted with a blurb that describes her as "the conscious person's Renaissance Singer/Songwriter. A strong & sensitive Artist tuned into living peacefully in today's uncertain world", immediately prompts me to expect some sort of New Age dippiness. However, the CD having arrived with payola in the form of a Swiss bar of chocolate-enrobed Ovaltine biscuit, I'm predisposed to give it a chance. Thankfully, the soft shuffling opening title track quickly dispels such fears, revealing the Boston born, Switzerland based Wimmer to be more in tune with the Americana of Lucinda Williams with a warm, relaxed, slightly twang-smeared huskiness that's drawn comparisons to Chrissie Hynde. It's a winning introduction and she proceeds to cement our new relationship over the course of the following nine cuts, from the equally easy rolling Ten-Four through a ska-country bouncing Lover From Last Summer, a bluegrass streaked Dreams Bring Me Down and the fragile folk balladeering My Name Is Love to closing bar room guitar slinging Nashville rocker Self-Righteous Son Of A Bitch where she shows she has the sass to match the sweet. Topped off with a dreamy, piano waltzing cover of Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart, it deserves to win her wider attention and build on the positive reviews for her Live Within Live Without 2004 debut. Released in Europe at the end of last year, two tracks found their way on to the end of year Top Ten of Glasgow based Radio Six International. I'd be surprised if at least one didn't figure on the Radio 2 list in nine months time. Even without chocolate bars." ~Mike Davies, NetRhythms UK, March 2010

Miracle Girl
Folk - Rock
Plays: 1,035
Country - Alternative
Plays: 209
Lover From Last Summer
Rock - Ska
Plays: 780
I Couldn't Do It
Folk - Rock
Plays: 308
O My Brother
Folk - Rock
Plays: 153
Dreams Bring Me Down
Country - Alternative
Plays: 121
My Name Is Love
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 144
Powerful Love
Folk - Alternative
Plays: 128
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Folk - Rock
Plays: 259
Self Righteous Son Of A Bitch
Rock - General
Plays: 651
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