Live Within Live Without

"Beth Wimmer certainly deserves top kudos for this lush and savvy album. Live Within Live Without has a free spirited feel, exploring love lost and love found. She has definitely found a connection with her gorgeous vocals and sweeping melodies. She exudes a richness as a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist that leaves the listener wanting more and more." ~ Audrey Elliot, Musical Discoveries Beth Wimmer unleashes painterly-like observations packaged amidst some of the catchiest hooks this side of Elvis Costello...she navigates a course through her own particular brand of blue-eyed soul, country-tinged folk, and completely unique musical odes celebrating human setbacks overwhelmed by personal fortitude and soulful transformation." ~ Thomas G. Reilly, Primerica Music Review

Folk - Alternative
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Live Within Live Without
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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