Truth (by Artemis : Divasonic)

'Truth' is the first collaboration and release by the duo, with Artemis writing and singing and Lynda Arnold (aka Divasonic) handling the electro style music production on the track. The dreamy, poetic vocals of Artemis float over the pulsating beats of Divasonic and create a lightness in the midst of emotional turmoil. The key visual image of the song is the Mask, representative of the truth we do (or don't) tell. The single includes a variety of outstanding remixes by David G. Earl (aka SFLogicNinja), Colfax, Tyler Stone (Sutro), Daniel Durrett, miKroNaught, Celeste Lear, Mijo and Chris James. The music video was shot and conceptualized by the duo and Keith Crusher, and produced by Jake Durrett.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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