The Lunar Age

Alphanaut is a one-man electronica project by musician Mark Alan, which lifted off after a decade away from song writing. During the time between Fall of 2007 and Summer of 2008 the creative process began again and two dozen songs formed. Five of these pieces have been included on Alphanaut's debut EP "The Lunar Age". The works selected for "The Lunar Age" EP represent more of the commercially structured songs to introduce listeners to Alphanaut. The electro-acoustic project melds uniquely crafted sounds in Mark's programing and features guest musician Chavo Villanueva on guitars. Must have tracks include the debut single "Spontaneity" with its compelling electronic sounds leading to a flamenco inspired end, and "Jennifer" with it's brooding bass line and hip-hop drum track. Another standout track is "The Innocence of Time" which is a restrained ambient piece that concludes with a lush string arrangement.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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