"Spontaneity", Alphanaut's first single from the debut EP "The Lunar Age". "Spontaneity" is a song that triggered Mark's return to song writing after a ten-year absence from his craft. It's a lyric based on the struggle to reconnect with the artist inside him while dealing with the self-doubts that all creative souls deal with. His deeply rich vocals glide silkily over the electronic effects and sparse beat, joined in the chorus by his soaring harmonies. The single also features two reworkings of the title cut and a bonus, non-EP song "That's Me". The first revisit of "Spontaneity" is Alphanaut's own "Return To Earth Remix" where the song is stripped down and given a more minimal treatment. The second is an acoustic version amplifying the flamenco guitar line at the end of the song. Mark employed Chavo Villanueva on guitars, Jorge Villanueva on percussion and Teca Garcia, formerly of Tijuana No!, on charango and Peruvian flutes.

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Clean Clean

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