AJ Fitch is a multi-instrumentist, singer-songwriter, and producer. AJ writes, performs, and records a blend of roots rock, soul, blues, Americana, and straight up rock n' roll. His latest release is titled, "Fitch & Moan." AJ also spends time jamming with -- and producing -- his studio duo project, Ultrasonic Jones. Their latest release is "The Big Jumble."


Singer-songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist. Producer. Bundle of creative energy. Yes, AJ is all of this & more. As a solo artist, he has produced 3 CDs. AJ's latest release is titled "Fitch & Moan." AJ is also a founding member of Ultrasonic Jones and The Fitch Brothers. Ultrasonic Jones recently released their 5th CD, titled "The Big Jumble." Drop him a line and say hello. Thanks.

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over 30 days ago to AJ FITCH

AJ FITCH, thank you for the review on "TEXAS SWING". I AGREE, nice to have reviews before investing more into a tune. again thank you!

Joseph Miller
over 30 days ago to AJ FITCH

Thanks AJF for the insightful review on "My Girls Gone Wild... good call. I'd nearly forgotten that song... and will pull it out and dust it off... good suggestion. Joe

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Robert Wuagneux
over 30 days ago

Thanks for the complimentary review of I Just Feel So Ooh.

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