Jewel Avenue AHX / AHXBEATS, a name that is sure to be on the tip of the Hip-Hop industry's tongue in the near future. Raised on the streets of South Flushing Queens, New York, he was exposed to hip-hop as far back as he can remember, thanks in part to his brother spinning records as DJ Cor Dap. AHX credits his brother as a major influence. "If my brother had spun rock-n-roll, that's what I'd be listening to today. I'd sit outside my brother's room when he was spinning records, and listen through the door." AHX started to rhyme first though, envisioning himself as the MC and keeping it in the family, with his brother as the DJ . "I wanted to make the records" AHX remembers.

At the age of 13 he set out to make his first recording. He saved money until he had enough to buy time at a studio and record his first track. "I would play it in the park for my friends and they couldn't believe it was me." AHX continued to record for a few more years before he decided he wanted to get deeper into his art and began to produce tracks as well. "Anyone who has seen me in the studio knows how passionate I am about music; I don't like slackers, if this is what you want to do then prove it. Not with words but with actions".

Over 200 tracks later, and dozens of live shows here in the States as well as overseas, AHX continues to do what he has always done: producing quality beats. Although writing lyrics is his first love, AHX now loves to compose music and set the pace in studio sessions. As a former Senior Studio Engineer for "Lavish Records" in Ventura California, and Former CEO of "Brokehouse Records" AHX has grown and is now ready to take his music career to the next level.

AHX has successfully applied his down-to-earth thinking and vast musical knowledge to lay the foundation for what he hopes will be a pivotal role in the music industry.

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