Straight through the heart and into the soul, Ahria takes you deep. With simple, but profound lyrics and "stick-with-you" melodies, she leads you on a journey into yourself, weaving you through the mystical things often found there, and leaves you transformed. Ahria knows how to touch the places in us that remember we are all in this "life thing" together, and inspires us to move beyond ourselves into something far greater.



Quietly, gently, she has broken one rule after another. That’s the first thing about Ahria’s success that amazes her peers. The second thing is the way that life seems to conspire to propel her forward at every unexpected turn.

Ahria didn’t grow up singing from the age of three or taking piano lessons after school. Her past holds no garage bands, no recitals, and no effusive wishes for stardom. In fact, she was painfully shy and as a teenager swore off ever performing in public.

To this day Ahria doesn’t know who spread the word about her safely closeted musical talent. But out of the blue, she got a call asking her to audition. To humor an insistent friend she accepted the invitation . . . and was hired on the spot to sing before hundreds of people every week. It was a decision that lifted the electrical engineer out of her stale gray cubicle in corporate biotech and touched her down squarely on the path of her true passion as “Ahria” the singer and songwriter.

Within a few months she was in the studio recording her first CD of original songs. The inspiration came in such profusion that her first release was not one, but two albums (“Heaven Guide Me” and “Faraway Places Within”). These days Ahria consorts with the Muse almost daily. Even when she is backstage at a performance she is often found composing on the spot at a funky upright piano. Only minutes later she’s sharing a startling new piece with her live audience.

Ahria’s music combines the depths of Sarah McLachlan (“Angel”), the sophisticated simplicity of Jewel (“Hands”) and the rich and honeyed delivery of Karen Carpenter. Rooted in universal spiritual wisdom, her lyrics are powerful, warm, honest and clear. And while her songs are soothing and inviting they are anything but airy-fairy, let’s-make-nice music. Ahria has a natural ability to evoke profound feeling in her listeners because her music is birthed out of the very places from which we all seek to be lifted. There is congruence between where she is on her own life path and what she shares of her inner world process. It is this congruence that makes it so easy for everyone to connect with her and her songs in a very real way.

As one reviewer put it: “…Ahria’s first two CDs take you on a tangible journey into yourself. Peaceful, juicy, full of meaning, sweet, and real, her songs and her voice guide you through the stuff of life and into your own inner place of tranquility. At one and the same time, they beckon you to be present to yourself, exactly as you are in this moment, and they anchor you in the greater mystery and flow of life. Ahria’s songs actually deliver the experience of transformation.”

Plain and simple, Ahria gets it. She hears the music and lets grace take over. The result: profound depth of feeling carried on a fresh, clean sound that just feels good to the soul.

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