Just me playing each
Instrument by hand except for the Drums, (sometimes I use a basic drum beat inside the keyboard,or a combo of the two but other times it's strictly just fingers or hands).

So no trickery, JUST...AHLONNAE.

Each song takes from 15 minutes to 2 days.

I'm at 328+ completed songs.
as of 7-4-2016. One must remember each song is just how I felt that particular moment in time. Nothing
is ever planned except for the remake of a couple of older songs. So I am considered a improvisional, avant garde, Solo Artist!

Even if no one else around you at the time likes it, stand by your music. The hardest thing sometimes is
finding someone else that likes your kind or kinds of music, but hang in there. Record yourself you never know.

Keep forever jamming!!!: AHLONNAE

Back Soon.....


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Just finished my newest CD called: Space Freak!
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Moved to Nevada working on a new CD!

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Working on the next Album "PHOENIX"

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new cd DUST out now.

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Clean Clean

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