Aesthesia combines technical guitars with a mix of old school hard rock / metal with new elements of todays metal... for an explosive mix that is matched by their live performances. Aesthesia's guitarist placed second in the Houston guitar wars ( a z-rock event ) beating out over 400 other contestents and has toured from the east coast to the west coast. The band has several CDs under their belt...

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PO BOX 367
Bellville Ohio 44813


AC/DC, Judas Preist, Old Metallica, Dream Theater, Journy, Scorpions, any good rock / metal


Aesthesia has been around for a while.. John Whatman on vocals and Brian Earley on guitars, have been together from the beginning. The latest line up was solidified with Jay Atherton on Drums, and Brady Knuckles on bass. The guys have done many large ( 5000 + attendee ) shows and gets air play by local & internet radio stations. Their live show is in two words 'ON FIRE' .....

Brian won second place in the Houston Guitar wars (z-rock)in 93, beating out over 400 contestents. He has toured from the East coast to the West Coast, and has 5 cd's under his belt.

The guys are shopping their latest material to labels, and management firms.

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