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REAL NAME: Adrian Toles
BIRTH DATE: August 1, 1980
HOME TOWN: Baltimore City, MD

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Pattie Labelle, Whitney Houston, Usher, Jay-z

Famous Artist working hand and hand: Raymond Left witch- Video producer of Michelle Jackson Vogue Mason. Singer- producer of Bounce Rock Skate Kirk- Now Child Productions

My Bio:
The artist that you hear is Adrian Toles, but on the streets of Baltimore City she is well known as Big A. Since the tender age of four, this artist has been blessed with a mastery of many melodious. Adrian has been extraordinary addicted to music bringing style, culture, and creativity and passion to the music world. Adrian is also fortunate to have been born into a family of musicians and performers. From her earliest inspiration, her mother-Theresa a singer, her father Lorenzo played the piano. Adrian has been surrounded with her mother singing, who had a chance to sing professionally, but gave it up to have her child Adrian. Since 10 yrs of age, Adrian started writing her own music rather it was rap or writing a song not to mention athlete ability, winning talent show, performing at the Apollo, Druid Hill Park with all standing audience. Whenever she sung people listen encouraging her to go further. Adrian loved attention for her goals was to finished what her mother started and for herself one day own her own record giving the world my style of music. Determination and hard work is the key to Adrian success Adrian success will not be easy, being a single mother with child at the age of 22; it was sometimes rough and stressful at the same time. She wrote most of her best songs being stressed out even though her time schedule was hard she manage away to do her music at home with just a computer. After a year later her writing skill and production increase tremendously giving Legal Crime and Sony records a chance to hear my music and also made it alot easier for producer to get the general idea of the melody that she written. Every response to her music made more and more producers and managers wanting to work with her. Adrian said, AMusic is my life and will always be@. I perform for the love of music first and money second, making sure her son Daveon Toles has no future worries. The voice of Adrian music carries along way, and her style brings a whole new flip to the music industry giving it her all in meeting her short term goal.
Investing more and more into herself recording her own vocals and music
Adrian always had a special ear for talent forming a group (Snaapp, Hebrew, and Adrienne Adre) with three individual unique talents. They were called 3 Way. When a member of the group left (Hebrew) they then changed there name into RITE SYDE UP. Creating hit after hit they are on there way to success. There fans was persistent on wanting more music.

Later, The group eventually split up to do there own kind of music. Adrienne realizing her talent took the step a little further by being partners in her own record label "Rite Syde UP Records LLC"

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